Beyond Constraint // The Birmingham Society of Women Painters

June 2 - July 18 // Opening reception: 1:00-4:00pm on Sunday, June 2nd

This juried group exhibition features paintings by members of the Birmingham Society of Women Painters (BWSP). For more than fifty years, the Birmingham Society of Women Painters has brought together artists of merit to further their shared interests. Founded in 1944 to provide formal instruction and workspace for women painters, the BSWP is today a dynamic organization of 50 artists working in diverse media. A commitment to the highest standards in creative expression and art education links the generations of BSWP members.

Featuring Work By

Barbara Baker | Robbie Best | Beverly Booth | Jan Brown | Patty Eisenbraun | Jeri Fellwock | Jan Filarski | Susan Fiorello | Sherry Adams Foster | Ellie Gause | Janice Gongloff | Shirley Gower | Katherine Harra | Rebecca Hauschild | Laura Whitesides Host | Barbara Keidan | Ann Kelly | Donna Kennedy | Susan Kwolek | Lesley Kutinsky | Fran Levin | Kathy Mansell | Loretta Markell | Debbie Marvin | Leslie Masters | Sonia Molnar | Cindy Parsons | Ev Schwartz | Fran Seikaly | Elizabeth Sylvester | Donna Thibodeau | Vasu Toli | Marcia Tournay | Chris Trombley | Helen Vlasic | Fran Wolok | Martha Zausmer

Side Gallery

Nanci LaBret Einstein was born in Detroit and has been intrigued with creating art for as long as she can remember. She has participated in many museum and gallery exhibitions. Her work is included in numerous private collections.

On The Green_Nanci Einstein.jpg

Nanci LaBret Einstein

“Making art. Making marks. It’s what I do. I work with various mediums; the goal is to keep it fresh, pushing, pulling, learning and discovering. These drawings came to life after I had finished a large sculpture installation. I began to make them as a way to lighten up, and, now, a year later, they have become an integral part of my practice. The drawings sing, dance and envelope you. Lines play in space with concrete areas floating among them. They are three dimensional in a two dimensional world. My wish is that the viewer gets as much pleasure looking at them as I get in creating them.”