Gallery Shop

At the Janice Charach Gallery Shop…

We sell unique handmade items by artists local to Metro Detroit. We have a range of artwork including jewelry, functional glass and ceramics, wearable fashions and more!

If you would like to have your artwork on consignment with us…


Artist Info

All items in the shop are handmade locally in Metro Detroit.

Items are on consignment (70% to artist, 30% to gallery).

Duration of consignment is flexible & discussed with each artist, beginning with a 3-month trial.

Items can be removed from shop by artist at any time, given a week’s notice.

Artist Proposals


If you are interested in showing your work with us or curating an exhibition…

Please write us a proposal & send it to

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Main Gallery

Approximately 6,000 square feet of floor space with 8’ wall height. Two levels.


Side Gallery

6’ wide x 8’ tall wall located in the front of the gallery.

Viewed as a solo exhibition, the Side Gallery gives local, emerging artists a chance to showcase their new, consistent body of work.

Apply to our Group Exhibitions

Send us an e-mail with your name and contact information to our artist list for future juried group shows.